Our Team

Founder, CEO and Chairman

Billy Meadow

Billy is a serial technology entrepreneur who has thrived for decades in commercializing and funding companies like PERSOWN. Billy founded PaySpan.com the largest medical payment network in the US with 1.3M providers & 100M user accounts. LocatorX has been awarded contracts with the Defense Logistics Agency. Billy pioneered internet-based long-distance calling with SS7 switches deployed in 130+ countries.

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eric doherty

Eric Doherty

Eric brings nearly 30 years of healthcare-related executive leadership experience in starting and reorganizing businesses in the areas of medical devices, pharmaceuticals, biotechnologies, biogenetics, EHR Systems, disposable medical equipment, and consumer goods.
His industry experience includes roles at GlaxoSmithKline, Abbott Laboratories, Uvanta Pharmacy Systems, AstraZeneca, and GLOCK International.

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Founding Director, Chief Financial Officer

Richard Still

Richard Still has a strong background in finance, operations and corporate startups. He has most recently served as CFO of a $100M privately held company. His previous positions included COO of a multi-location environmental company, financial analyst for an investment banking firm and plant manager for a manufacturing company. Richard was also the founder and CEO of three different specialty manufacturing companies.

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Global Electronics Advisor

Chester Kennedy​

Chester brings broad expertise in the aerospace and semiconductor industries, most recently as CEO at BRIDG, a global high-tech consortium focused on advancing the state of the art in sensors, microelectronics, and related production capabilities. Prior to that he served as VP and Chief Engineer at Lockheed Martin. Chester was recently named by Orlando Magazine as one of the 50 most powerful people in the region and a “Game Changer” by the Orlando Business Journal. ​

VP of Manufacturing​​

Paul Schmidt

Paul brings over 20 years of global manufacturing operations and engineering experience in packaging, product assembly, hygiene, diapers, non-woven webs, web coating, plastic sheets, and plastics at Nordson Corporation.  He has supported the startup of new facilities in the US and globally. He began his engineering career at McDonnell Douglas in the aerospace industry building military fighter aircraft like the F-15 Eagle, F-18 Hornet , and the AV-8 Harrier.

VP of Operations

Peb Hendrix​

After a 10-year career in the US Navy as a legal affairs officer, Peb Hendrix launched a successful venture funded by a family office. He was recruited by the family office to become the COO and managed over two dozen profitable companies for 25 years. The companies Peb managed were involved with food production, packaging, medical diagnostics, industrial materials processing and medical waste disposal throughout the southeastern states. ​

VP Hardware Engineering​

Marc A. Rose

Marc Rose has over 30 years of experience in the semiconductor industry working at Intel Corporation.   For most of that time, he was a technical leader and the System Architect of Intel’s core HDK CAD team.   He gained strong experience designing and managing complex systems to meet the methodology and technology needs of a diverse set of design teams.

VP Software Engineering

Juan Carlos Gonzalez

Juan Carlos Gonzalez is a senior IT executive with extensive experience  managing a billion dollar web-based order processing and product distribution business. He has deep experience in internet infrastructure, CRM, ERP, Business Intelligence, Process Re-Engineering, Logistics, High Assurance Technology Operations, Business Analysis and Enterprise Integration.​

Lead Embedded Systems​


Rollan Haller has over 10 years of research & development, design, 
manufacturing, and leadership experience in the medical, industrial, and military markets. He has brought 
multiple platforms to market ranging from Cortex-M series embedded systems to fully integrated 
ruggedized x86 tablets for multiple tier 1 clients.​

J Todd Bennett
Senior Director of Marketing​

J. Todd Bennett​

Todd is an award-winning marketing and communications executive with more than 25 years of experience in marketing, brand development, advertising, website development, content strategy, executive communications, public relations, strategic planning, and market research. Todd is also experienced in enterprise software development, working on the team that developed the dotCMS content management system.​

rhett farber
Senior Director, Global Markets

Rhett Farber

Rhett brings more than 30 years of strategic consulting experience in fast-paced international markets, having lived in Asia for nearly all of that time. He has negotiated and facilitated multi-million dollar deals between Chinese manufacturers/organizations and American-based companies, using his deep understanding of global markets.

Principal Scientist​

Kevin Pegg, Ph.D.

Dr. Kevin Pegg has over 30 years of experience as an entrepreneur with seven startup biotechnology companies in both environmental and clinical diagnostics instrumentation and chemistry. He has a doctorate from FSU with studies on a molecular model for multiple chemical sensitivity, a master’s in genetic toxicology, and a bachelor’s in marine sciences. Dr. Pegg also has spent over 15 years in academia as a professor of biotechnology and microbiology.​

Director of Strategic Innovation​

Kalyan Karumanchi, Ph.D.​

Dr. Kalyan Karumanchi is an experienced research scientist, skilled in Protein Sciences, Drug and Formulation Development, Nanotechnology and IP research. He has a Ph.D.) in Analytical Biochemistry and Nanotechnology from Northern Illinois University with a research focus in developing diagnostics and drug delivery systems.

R&D Manager​

Seyedeh (Mojy) Shourideh-Ziabari ​

Seyedeh (Mojy) Shourideh-Ziabari is a cellular and molecular biologist with over nine years of experience in basic and translational cancer research, with expertise in protein biochemistry, microscopy, clinical ¬analytical method development, optimization and validation.​

Grant Filings Advisor​

Elizabeth Barrows​

Elizabeth has extensive experience as a federal funding consultant, including interaction with the Legislative and Executive branches of the US Government – particularly the Department of Defense and Health and Human Services– helping to secure in excess of $100M in funding. She holds a master’s degree in biomedical engineering, with experience in medical device and biologic product development for in vitro diagnostics, blood products and analgesics.​

Patent Portfolio Director

Michelle Kelly, Ph.D.

Dr. Michelle Kelly, Ph.D. is a Microbiologist and Immunologist specializing in infectious disease, opportunistic infections, vaccine design and assessment, immunotherapy, and autoimmune disorders. She brings extensive experience as a trainer and biotechnology quality specialist, and patent analyst in an patent search firm. She earned an M.S. and Ph.D. in Mircrobiology and Immunology from Louisiana State University.

Senior Life Sciences Patent Analyst​

Sarah Rupprecht​

Sarah Rupprecht has been providing her scientific and technical expertise related to intellectual property for over six years. She draws upon her expertise based on her research and academic pursuits at Arizona State University while pursuing her BS in Physics, PSM in Nanoscience in Sensor Technology, and FinTech Certification. During her time at Arizona State University her research was focused on performing DNA deposition studies on ferroelectrics and diamond substrates for future biosensing applications.​

IP Licensing​

Brian Rivette​

Brian is a strategic licensing executive with broad experience in patent licensing. He served as President and COO of A2D, monetizing a portfolio of patents, and collected over $1.4 billion in licensing revenue. He has extensive experience negotiating with educational institutions. ​

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