PersOwn Diagnostics

A breakthrough in electrochemical biosensor technology

A Handheld Laboratory

Rapid Results

PERSOWN is developing portable medical diagnostic testing with results in seconds using a configurable hand-held testing device and a growing menu of diagnostic test strips, able to test a variety of fluids including saliva, urine, blood, and others. Our first test will be a saliva-based test for COVID-19.

Initial functional proof of concept

instant saliva covid test
instant saliva covid test


Inexpensive, disposable strips

The technology for our diagnostic tests sits in a small test strip, like a blood glucose test. When presented with an electrical charge, it can measure the presence of a virus against an antibody or aptamer, producing a near-instant result, like flipping a light switch.

Millions of test strips can be produced per day using our bioprinting processes.


Version 1
Durable handheld unit. Initial functional proof of concept. Suited for high-throughput ports of entry and public events.

Version 2
Ultra-small, lightweight 2 -piece design (analyzer and charger). Suitable for use in the field or at home, anywhere in the world.


PERSOWN’s breakthrough electrochemical biosensor technology platform is capable of testing a wide variety of infectious diseases, acute conditions, cancers and toxins. Applications include medical diagnostics, home health care, and environmental, food, and animal testing.

medical diagnostic testing
home care


Bring your lab directly to the patient for instant results

water testing

Water Quality

Portable instant testing for remote field work

food safety

Food Safety

Instant, ongoing testing to ensure food safety



Perfect for veterinary clinics and farm use


More than four dozen future tests in the pipeline

We have identified more than four dozen potential protein biomarkers that may be applied to future tests. We are currently seeking partners to accelerate the development of any one of these tests.

breast cancer test
sepsis test
blood samples
rapid covid test
medical diagnostics

Diagnostics Pipeline

Infectious Diseases

SARS-CoV-2- saliva
SARS-CoV-2 Variants- saliva
SARS-CoV-2 and influenza- saliva
Tuberculosis- saliva, Sputum, blood
Sepsis- blood
Hospital acquired infections/ Antibiotic resistance- blood, urine
Ebola- blood
Zika- blood

Disease/ Host Response

Sepsis severity
Host response
Severity of Infection
Cytokine storm
Inflammatory biomarkers
Cardiovascular disease
TBI-blood biomarkers- blood
Heart transplant rejection- blood
Kidney transplant rejection- blood


Breast Cancer- blood
Prostate cancer-blood
Colorectal cancer- blood
Pancreatic cancer- blood

Vector-Borne Diseases

Dengue Fever- blood
Malaria- blood


Syphilis- blood
Gonorrhea- blood
Chlamydia- urine
Trichomoniasis- vaginal swab, urine
HBV- plasma
HSV- serum
HIV- blood


Anthrax- sputum, blood
Tularemia- sputum, pharyngeal wash, blood
Botulism- blood


Influenza A (Avian Flu)- Saliva
Influenza B (livestock)- Saliva
Clostridium perfinges (livestock)- Feces
Anthrax (livestock)- Blood, lesion scrapings, nasopharyngeal
Leptospirosis- Urine
Lyme disease- Blood
Campylobacter- Serum
Giardia- Stool
Cryptosporidium- Saliva, stool
Roundworms- Stool
Hookworms- Stool
Tapeworms- Stool
Whipworm- Stool
Rabies- Saliva
Anxiety- Saliva

We’re seeking research & Development partners

Are you a foundation or research organization looking to accelerate the development of diagnostic test for a particular condition? We can help you fulfill your mission. Let’s talk!

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