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When our low-cost instant testing platform is available in parts of the globe where access to sophisticated medical diagnostics is scarce, PERSOWN will create billions of integrated data points across various disease states and among previously undiagnosed populations.

From visualizing disease mutation and progression in the current COVID-19 pandemic to monitoring treatment efficacy and compliance in clinical trials, this data has the potential to empower global health leaders, clinicians and researchers to make more informed decisions in ways the world has never before seen. 

In Partnership with SAS

To harness this potential, PERSOWN has partnered with the global leader in analytics, SAS. With powerful SAS artificial intelligence, visual analytic and data management software, PERSOWN will be able to effectively mine diagnostic data to uncover infection trends and visualize disease hot spots to better monitor and predict outbreaks. These early insights will help governments and health organizations implement practices that reduce disease spread, mitigate impact and create early interventions.

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By using SAS analytics and AI on data gathered from PERSOWN diagnostics, public health officials and researchers can identify patterns earlier and develop treatments or policies to care for and protect their populations

Secure, Interoperable health data


We intend to create lifetime health records that people can personally own. The PERSOWN HEALTH app (designed to be available in over 100 languages) will enable people to manage their health data preferences in one app as they interact with various medical providers and their existing Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems. Users will be able to access, own and control their health related records anywhere any time via their Smartphone and web services.

Each PERSOWN diagnostic test provides the user with an immediate smartphone result and depending on their preferences, may store the result in a cloud or local data repository as a personal electronic health record.

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As personal health records grow within the PERSOWN Cloud Service Vault, users will be able to direct their health data (or that of a family member) from their smartphone to be shared with the healthcare providers they desire.  Our Cloud Services Vault offering will offer the best possible redundancy and protection of health data for a lifetime. It will maintain connections with various existing health related record systems to insure access, ownership and control transparently for our users.


The PERSOWN Cloud Services will interoperate with a constantly evolving set of health related apps and services. Our goal is to integrate PERSOWN diagnostic testing data with best-of-breed open source technologies from country-level databases to clinic-level electronic medical records systems in the field. The combination of these technologies will facilitate the operations of all staff, providers, organizations and governments involved in health care operations.

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This illustration represents just one of several flows of health data and the services and products required to efficiently deliver healthcare to the underserved billion families

We’re seeking integration partners

We plan to build the broadest array of point-of-care molecular diagnostics and largest and best managed health dataset in the world. We seek partners that actively support APIs to enable users to have transparent interoperability of their health related data.

Diagnostics not authorized for sale. We are preparing to submit our COVID-19 test for approval from the FDA and Health Canada, as well as the CE mark from the EU, followed by tests for Influenza, Tuberculosis & Troponin (heart attack indicator).

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