We are working to put instant point-of-care testing and electronic health records in the palm of your hand.


A billion families across the globe lack access to quality healthcare

Half of the world’s population lacks access to essential health services.1 In the poorest countries, there are 0.23 doctors per 10,000 people, compared to 26.04 doctors per 10,000 people in the USA.2 The loss of life in low- to middle-income countries (LMICs) due to treatable diseases is estimated at 8 million annually.3

children source: cdc

Diagnosing the Problem

Diagnostic errors account for the deaths of 7 million children each year4 and have been identified by the WHO as a global safety priority.5
Causes include:

  • Limited availability, affordability and quality of diagnostic tests
  • Failure to interpret tests correctly
  • Little sharing of medical information
  • Lost test results and lack of health records
  • Low availability of health informatics
  • Deficiencies in training of health personnel
  • Care is too expensive and compromises basic needs like food and housing


PERSOWN will be the first low-cost comprehensive family health diagnostic solution ever delivered within a smartphone app with global access

Our goal is to bring affordable, near-instant testing and a full suite of personal health technologies to more than a billion underserved families around the world.


Rapid, accurate, portable

Now more than ever, the world needs rapid, reliable, low-cost, and portable diagnostics.

We’re developing an ultra-accurate, low-cost test strip and a handheld reader with the potential to deliver lab-quality diagnostic results in seconds for infectious diseases like COVID-19 and Tuberculosis, heart attacks, cancers, brain injuries, and much more.

Devices and test strip
Patent-pending. Prototypes not available for sale.


Personal Ownership of Electronic Health Records

We are building an information infrastructure to support and fully utilize the data created by our diagnostic tests. Our network infrastructure and mobile app (PERSOWN Connect) are designed to facilitate the integration of best-in-class software solutions to provide a lifetime healthcare platform for the billion underserved families of the world.

woman in Congo using tablet

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