persown and sas

PERSOWN and SAS, the global leader in healthcare analytics, are addressing the current limitation in healthcare AI to deliver continuous analytics to clinicians, researchers, and governments for better outcomes through improved standards of care saving patients lives and reducing healthcare costs.

PERSOWN and sas partnership

PERSOWN and SAS technologies present a new real-time information exchange infrastructure for hospital and at-home patient monitoring.

Using SAS AI-driven big data analytics platform with the PERSOWN diagnostic and monitoring device ecosystem, we will deliver a sepsis-focused reporting product suitable for hospital, point-of-care, or at-home use.

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Empowering CLINICIANS, governments and researchers to make informed decisions for at-risk patients Everywhere.

  • Delivering lab-quality diagnostic results in seconds 
  • Gathering billions of integrated data points across various disease states across multiple monitoring devices
  • Using powerful SAS artificial intelligence, visual analytic and data management software, to uncover infection trends and visualize disease patterns to better monitor and predict onset.

Clinicians worldwide will have access to near real-time feedback through predictive analytics allowing for faster, more informed personalized treatment while improving patient outcomes and reducing costs. 

Healthcare organizations will be able to track patient conditions using the latest rapid point-of-care diagnostic tools under an open analytical cloud framework.

Real-time access to SAS Artificial Intelligence

These early insights will help governments and health organizations implement practices that reduce disease spread, mitigate impact, and create early interventions to improve patient outcomes. We can catch Sepsis before Sepsis catches the patients.

Billions of integrated data points across various disease states acrosss multiple monitoring devices

PERSOWN’s Connect App, Cloud & Gateway Device feeds data to SAS allowing real-time access to SAS AI resources predictive analytics

Information that healthcare providers need to make decisions

PERSOWN and SAS will provide patients, clinicians, governments, and research institutions across the globe real-time patient monitoring for multiple post discharge conditions.

Continuous Analytics processing system

Expanding healthcare from the hospital setting into the patient’s everyday life – giving hospital access to patients across the globe with frequent POINT-OF-CARE testing and electronic health records control in the palm of your hand with Smartphone app technology.

identify Concerns earlier before problems occur

  • Enables patients to transmit health data to clinicians anywhere
  • Creating interoperable electronic health data
  • Is handheld with smartphone connectivity
  • Embraces all IoT’s and IT systems
    • Smart devices
    • Scales
    • Blood Pressure monitors
    • Oximiters
    • Hospital monitoring equipment
  • Real-time monitoring from anywhere

using iot’s and sas ARTIFICIAL intelligence – CAPS will lead to more informed decisions and early identification & treatment

Early Identification

Real-time information processing Integrate nearly every type of inormation Embrace 3rd party IT systems

SAS predictive analytic engine real-time access to SAS AI resources

Near real-time reporting and alerting

clinicians will be able to monitor multiple patients at once

SAS predictive analytic engine Real-time access to SAS AI resources

Increased likelihood of patient survival, Rapid clinical Intervention, Prompt therapy & faster recovery reduces readmissions

Simultanious Monitoring

We’re seeking integration partners

We plan to build the broadest array of point-of-care molecular diagnostics and largest and best managed health dataset in the world. We seek partners that actively support APIs to enable users to have transparent interoperability of their health related data.

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