Sepsis Monitoring & Alerting for Hospitals and Homes

Early sepsis awareness and action is a race against time.

Current sepsis technology and clinical tools offer medical providers rapid point-of-care diagnostics, predictive analytic models and information systems that consolidate data, but lack a pro-active sepsis focused solution.

The onset of Sepsis is fast, expensive, and deadly. Early awareness and quick action are critical.

SMASH-H is designed to provide the best possible information to clinicians to make the best possible, time-critical decisions.

multiple stakeholders to collaborate at each hospital

The CONNECT Cloud receives data in both FHIR and CSV formats for real-time processing of patient data to submit to the SAS predictive analytic engines every 10 minutes (or upon event). Think of Edge computing and analytics, where statistically validated predictive values can be processed in real-time, driving critical healthcare decision making capability.

The PERSOWN Connect App and Connect Gateway are designed to help Point-of-Care devices to easily embrace SMASH-H for governmental approval and accelerated sales.

Real-time processing of patient data driving real-time, critical healthcare decision making, helping clinicians to save lives.

Rapid clinical intervention
Prompt therapy & faster recovery
Reduced readmissions

SMASH-H Capabilities

  • Constant and secure review of a patient’s full medical record and update pf sepsis risk profile.
  • Recommend to doctors and nurses additional tests needed in a timely manner (under 10 minutes).
  • Leverage artificial intelligence models against large data sets – from collaborating hospitals – using the latest diagnostic tools.
  • Show hospital administrators better outcomes and cost savings with real world statistically valid data.
  • Alert doctors and nurses when predictive analytical systems indicate a statically significant change.
  • Enhance to avoid false alarms using unified time-series analysis and visualizations on patient conditions.
  • Monitor patients after discharge for latent infections – before treatment options are minimized.
  • Embrace the latest rapid diagnostic technologies and treatment protocols with outcome analysis.
  • Incentivize technology stakeholders to participate by showing ability to earn a profit.

SMASH-H will lead to positive patient & hospital outcomes.

Benefits of smash-h for all stakeholders

Getting started is easy – the PERSOWN team can help walk you though these simples steps.

We’re seeking integration partners

We plan to build the broadest array of point-of-care molecular diagnostics and the largest and best managed health dataset in the world.

We seek partners that actively support APIs to enable users to have transparent interoperability of their health related data

We seek collaborative hospitals from around the world to launch the platform for clinical researchers and treatment protocol analytics.

Contact Ray Sands, Vice President of Business Development, today to learn about SMASH-H.

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