PERSOWN Analytics, Inc. engages M.M. Dillon to secure $40 million in capital

Posted by Peb Hendrix

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Leveraging Generative AI, PERSOWN will use capital to accelerate a transformative healthcare analytics solution

January 9 2024.   Jacksonville, Florida-based PERSOWN Analytics, a trailblazer in healthcare analytics, and investment bank M.M. Dillon & Co. have announced a pivotal collaboration to accelerate the commercialization of a transformative AI-based healthcare analytics solution.  M.M. Dillon & Co. (Greenwich, Ct.)  has executed a strategic engagement to serve PERSOWN Analytics as its financial advisor and sole placement agent to secure working capital of up to $40M.

The collaboration aims to expedite the deployment of a cutting-edge Continuous Analytics Processing System, (CAPS) revolutionizing healthcare analytics on the SAS Viya platform. PERSOWN’S CAPS platform will consolidate and analyze siloed and disparate healthcare information from key sources, such as remote patient monitoring, Electronic Health Records (EHR), laboratories, and other relevant sources. This unification of different healthcare data is especially crucial given the explosion of healthcare data driven by IoT and new non-invasive digital wearables. By unifying this deepening array of inpatient and outpatient data sets, CAPS creates a comprehensive and merged view of a patient’s health journey. Leveraging Generative AI, the platform will be able to harmonize data from a variety of sources, enabling more accurate diagnoses, personalized treatment plans, enhanced drug and device therapy insights, and improved patient outcomes.

“Our mission is to proactively tackle pressing healthcare challenges, starting with critical and costly conditions such as sepsis and infection prevention and control that have a significant societal impact. PERSOWN Analytics is committed to pioneering solutions that transcend conventional boundaries, offering near real-time monitoring and continuous analytics to empower healthcare professionals globally,” expressed Peter M. vonDyck, the Company’s President and CEO. “PERSOWN Analytics’ unique capabilities are poised to revolutionize the industry, enabling healthcare professionals to identify emerging health trends, strategically allocate resources, and respond even more promptly to health emergencies.”

“By consolidating disparate data sources, we aim to forge a unified and more holistic approach to healthcare analytics, fundamentally reshaping how professionals engage with the burgeoning amounts of patient information,” vonDyck emphasized. Jeff R.Swarz Ph.D., Managing Director of M.M. Dillon, echoed a similar sentiment, “Persown’s technology has the potential to transform personalized patient care for the better.”

For further information, please contact: PERSOWN Media Relations [email protected] or

Charles N. (Peb) Hendrix, PERSOWN Analytics, [email protected]

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At PERSOWN, we endeavor to maximize global health with high-tech, low-cost medical diagnostics and health information technologies. Our goal is to revolutionize point-of-care (POC) testing to ensure safe, fast, precise diagnosis and treatment for acute and chronic conditions that impact people throughout the world.

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